Cav. Vicenzi Pasticceria

The good tradition of doing things well

The good tradition of doing things well.
The story started here, in this region of unique colours and light, with inhabitants who work with passion and are able to dream, but first the story started from an ancient exclusive recipe.
In fact, according to the tradition, it was just in Mombaruzzo that Amaretto, a sweet made of sugar, bitter and sweet almonds, and egg white was first produced in XVIII century.
The bakers prepared this soft sweets with a golden crust, « duss en poc meiret » (its name « amaretto » originated from these words of the dialect of Piedmont meaning “sweet yet slightly bitter aftertaste”) for the noble and rich families of the region who, on special occasions, purchased and offered them their guests, friends and relatives of the neighbouring villages.
In 1955 in this village plunged in a magic atmosphere, located in the province of Asti, Franco Vicenzi made his dream come true starting his production of Amaretti in a small bakery of few square metres. The years passed, the generations followed each other and the small pastry shop has become a company able to keep at pace with the time yet without forgetting the values inherited from its founder.
Nowadays, as in the past, we produce our Amaretti with the same care as for homemade sweets and first quality ingredients according to the recipe of the XVIII century that made them famous in Italy and abroad.
The result is a wide range of products with various flavours, all worth trying, able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.
Amaretti Morbidi with unmistakable taste, small works of art.
Amaretti Morbidi, soft sweets with unique taste, small masterworks of the baking tradition of Piedmont, made special by our secret ingredient: the passion with which we bake them.
A special mix of good savour and quality.

A simple, unique recipe remained
unchanged in time

Few ingredients of top quality

Meticulously selected raw materials, careful baking. Very simple, yet resulting from a special alchemy, like for all small works of art. Softness and taste to offer to all those who desire something more than an Amaretto whatsoever.